Ready for Clinical Practice: Teaching Safe Nursing Medication Administration to Nursing Students

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Medication administration mistakes are common with new nurses.

Aware of this statistic, Dr. Marsha Cannon shared her proactive techniques and assignments with GoReact, a video assessment software, to better prepare nursing students for clinical practice and to eliminate mistakes.

In this free recorded workshop, Marsha:


Marsha Cannon, EdD, MSN, RN
The University of West Alabama

About Dr. Cannon

Dr. Cannon is currently an associate professor at the University of West Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing from The University of South Alabama and a Doctorate of Education in Instructional Leadership from The University of Alabama. Her areas of clinical expertise are adult health and critical care, and she teaches in pharmacology and adult health courses. Her primary research interest is mentoring faculty, but she is also interested in the utilization of unfolding case studies to facilitate the development of students’ clinical judgment.

About GoReact

GoReact is reshaping education by humanizing and accelerating skills-based learning. More than 750 colleges and universities worldwide use GoReact to facilitate scalable video observation, coaching, and assessment for rapid skill development. With simple, interactive tools for collaborative learning and personalized feedback, GoReact helps nursing students demonstrate skill competency with greater human connection and engagement. Learn more at

Want to learn more?

  • Presents time-saving ideas for conducting med administration check-offs.
  • Shares a unique video assignment to improve students’ communication skills around medications.
  • Answers participant questions.