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Fluency in any language comes from practice. Using GoReact for video + feedback gives sign and foreign language learners a flexible way to practise and demonstrate their speaking, signing or interpreting skills from anywhere—with audio/video feedback for targeted improvement.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Increase Language Proficiency With Practice & Self-Reflection

How do you make time for every student to practise their growing vocabulary? With GoReact, students aren’t limited by class time. In groups or individually, they can get conversational, inflective and expressive on video, then review and reflect on their skills.

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Students record videos as they demonstrate signing or speaking skills in their target language.

Language instructors and peer reviewers give time-coded feedback synced to precise moments in student videos.

Show & Tell With Audio/Video Feedback

To acquire spoken language, learners need more than written feedback—they need to hear accent, pronunciation and word stress. Sign language learners need to see handshapes and facial-body expressions. Help all learners achieve total immersion with time-coded audio/video feedback in GoReact.

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Future-Proof Your Language Programme

Even in face-to-face courses, the old-school way of assessing language proficiency (in person and in writing) is too time-consuming and inflexible. Using GoReact saves time, increases flexibility and equips your language programme with multimodal tools for the future of education.

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Faculty and administrators use reporting tools to compare student engagement and progress over time.

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Frequently Asked

Stimulus assignments in GoReact are perfect for helping students practise their interpreting skills. With Stimulus assignments, instructors provide a video prompt for interpretation, and students record their interpretation simultaneously. As they grade, instructors can see the original prompt next to each student’s recording.

GoReact is a natural fit for observing and assessing language skills in online courses, but it’s just as effective for saving time and improving the quality of your feedback in face-to-face courses. When students give in-class presentations, you can use any video recording device (on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop) to capture video, then use our Live Review feature to give feedback in real time. Enable Peer Review for real-time or anytime feedback from other students.

As COVID has created extra challenges for international students, using GoReact for video assessment gives UK institutions a way to continue offering a range of courses online.

Beyond online and in-class presentations, sign and foreign language instructors use multiple cameras in GoReact for 1:1 video practice, to facilitate group discussions and for mock interviews to ensure that students can use new vocabulary and proper grammar in predictable conversations. Additionally, instructors pair Comment Only assignments (where students watch a video provided and give feedback) with Marker Sets (used for quick tagging in the feedback panel) for comprehension checks. These interactive tools increase student engagement with course material.