Foreign Language Training

Easy Video Feedback For Total Immersion

No matter what language you teach, practice and feedback will help your students get conversational. GoReact is the perfect tool for students to use the language, listen to themselves speak, and receive comments on the exact phrase they need to improve. The result is crazy fast improvement. 
Easy Recording

Making Practice Count

With just a smartphone or webcam, your students can record themselves speaking the language, practicing vocabulary, or interpreting someone else. Recordings are then available for instructor, remote native-speaker, or peer feedback.
Feedback in the Cloud

Time-coded Comments Make Corrections Precise

However you prefer to leave feedback—text, video, or audio—every comment is time-coded for students to review right in context. That’s less work for you and more value for them.
Fast Improvement

Teach by Total Immersion

Learning languages is tough, but your students will learn fast by receiving specific corrections along the way. Better still, GoReact allows you to leave video or audio comments in the language you’re teaching. It’s a complete immersion experience.
Easy Grading of Assignments

Save Time and Hassle on Grading

Now you can grade student work anytime and anywhere. GoReact integrates seamlessly with most learning management systems and passes student grades back automatically for video assignments.

Outstanding Support

Help Every Step of the Way

If adopting video into your program sounds scary, no worries! GoReact comes with free top-of-the-line support to answer any question you’ve got. No matter what kind of tech support you need, weve got you covered.

Over 4 million videos (and counting) submitted for feedback

San Antonio College Case Study

Preparing students for certification in a 100% ASL learning environment

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