Nursing & Clinical Training

“It used to take me two weeks to watch 200 students do nursing skills checks. With GoReact, I can now do it in one or two days.”

Patrick Luna, Professor of Nursing, University of Colorado

Healthcare Programs Use GoReact For Skills Assessment And Clinical Training

Whatever type of healthcare you teach—nursing, EMT training, first aid, psychological counseling—GoReact allows you to capture student procedures on video for feedback, grading, and critique. Instructors save time and energy. Students improve crazy fast.

Nursing Education

Simulations Made Easy

What if you could grade your students’ clinical simulations anytime and anywhere? Now you can. Maximize class time by recording your students and filling out a customized rubric. You can even leave time-coded comments for them to review right in context.

Feedback in the Cloud

Better Practice, Better Learning

With just a smartphone or webcam, students can capture video of themselves performing lifesaving procedures. They can review the footage and record as many times as they want. The result is heightened self-awareness and valuable feedback, even for online courses.

“GoReact is an easy to use and very flexible tool both for nursing educators and students.”

Julia Buss, Nursing Lecturer, California State University East Bay

Psychology & Counseling

Real Experience with Real Patients

Whether it’s a health assessment or a counseling session, you can capture any kind of interaction between your students and a patient. You don’t even have to be in the room to help your students develop exceptional communication skills and bedside manner.

“There is nothing for clinical psychology training as intuitive and great as GoReact.”

Juan Camarena, San Diego State University

Career Prep

Turn Students into Healthcare Professionals

Research shows that quality nursing education lowers patient mortality rates. You can prepare your students for incredible careers right now by training them for certification and giving them direction faster than ever before. The secret is video.

Outstanding Support

There’s Help Every Step of the Way

If adopting video into your program sounds scary, no worries! GoReact comes with free top-of-the-line support to answer any question you might have. No matter what kind of tech support you need, weve got you covered.
Over 4 million videos (and counting) submitted for feedback

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