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#1 video tool for any online curriculum

Teach any course online—no matter how difficult

Whatever skill you teach online, GoReact allows you to capture student skills on video for feedback, grading, and critique. Educators save time and energy. Students improve crazy fast.
“I look forward to telling others all about GoReact. It’s just so refreshing to see a resource that doesn’t require a PhD to figure out.”
Laura Nunn, South Texas University

Video in the Cloud

Coach Skills from Anywhere

What if you could grade your students’ performance any time—even if they’re hours or states away? Now you can. Have your students record their assignments and you can leave time-coded feedback for them to review now or later.

Easy Recording

Say Goodbye to Complex Equipment

With just a smartphone or webcam, students can capture video of their skills with ease. GoReact doesn’t require any extra equipment or complicated training. All it takes is five minutes to set up and start recording.

Feedback and Self-Reflection

Help Students Become Confident and Self-Aware

Research indicates that recording students helps them overcome anxiety and gain confidence. Seeing feedback at exactly the right moment is the key to true self-awareness—which is the secret to rapid skill development.

Career Prep

Prepare Students for the Workplace

Soft skills are the #1 most sought-after skill by employers. But they also take a lot of feedback and practice to improve. If you start using video to coach your students now, they’ll be ready to impress recruiters and land an amazing job.

Outstanding Support

A Helping Hand Every Step of the Way

If using video in your courses sounds scary, no worries! GoReact accounts come with free top-of-the-line support to answer any questions you might have. No matter what, weve got you covered.

Over 4 million videos (and counting) submitted for feedback

Missouri State University Case Study

Kelly Wood uses GoReact to improve her students’ presentation skills and simplify her workflow.

“If you are teaching public speaking, you definitely have to check [GoReact] out. I absolutely recommend it to others.”

Kelly Wood, Missouri State University

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