Schoology and GoReact Combined!

The ultimate LMS experience for K–12

Your LMS Just Found the Perfect Integration

The leading video software for the K–12 classroom is now seamlessly integrated with Schoology. Together, GoReact and Schoology will give your students amazing feedback.

Why Partner Up?

This integration will allow you and your students to utilize video and exchange feedback all in one place. You can set up assignments, upload student recordings, leave comments, and post grades directly in the Schoology interface. Easy as that.

What GoReact Brings to the Table

GoReact is the perfect software to enhance performance-based skills in a K–12 setting. Whether you’re teaching face-to-face or online, GoReact will help you utilize video in your class and manage everything without ever leaving your LMS. The best part? It takes only minutes to set up.

I’ll Give It a Try

Sign up to try GoReact for free. It only takes five minutes to set up and start recording.

I Have Some Questions

For pricing, a personalized demo, or other questions, contact our friendly team.

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