Psychology Skills Training

“GoReact is incredibly useful and exactly what this field needs.”
Dr. Sarah Mire, University of Houston

Psychology programs use GoReact for skills assessment and training

Whatever type of psychology you teach, GoReact allows you to capture videos of students administering assessments, doing research, and conducting counseling sessions. Instructors save time and energy on feedback, grading, and critiques.

Psychology Education

Video Made Easy

What if you could grade your students’ work anytime and anywhere? Now you can. Maximize class time by having students record their practice for your review. You can fill out a customized rubric and even leave time-coded feedback at the exact spot in the video.


Real Experience with Real Clients

You can capture any kind of interaction between your students and a client in any kind of setting. You don’t even have to be in the room to help students develop exceptional skills.

Feedback in the Cloud

Better Practice, Better Learning

With just a smartphone or webcam, students can capture video of themselves performing psychological assessments. They can review the recording and make as many as they want. The result is heightened self-awareness and valuable feedback.

Career Prep

Turn Students into Mental Health Professionals

You can prepare your students for incredible careers right now. GoReact gives you the power to prepare them for EPPP licensing and give them the direction they need faster than ever before.

Outstanding Support

There’s Help Every Step of the Way

If using video in your program sounds scary, no worries! GoReact comes with free top-of-the-line support to answer all your questions. No matter what kind of tech support you need, weve got you covered.

Over 4 million videos (and counting) submitted for feedback

University of Houston Case Study

Dr. Sarah Mire is a licensed psychologist and an assistant professor at the University of Houston. Now she uses GoReact to record her students’ administrations. The result? She’s saving loads of time on grading, and by improving the quality of feedback her students are learning faster than ever.
“I’ve seen greater improvement in a much faster time this year, and I attribute that to students watching themselves on GoReact.”
Dr. Sarah Mire, University of Houston

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