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AI Prompting Rising as Employability Skill

A video clip about the importance of developing effective AI prompting skills as a necessity of employment

Vishal Rana discusses the increasing importance of “prompting” as an employability skill for students, with organizations now seeking candidates proficient in this area.


Vishal Rana:

Organizations will start using people, start advertising jobs that require these graduate attributes where students need to know how to do better prompts. And we have actually in our article already shared some of the jobs that have been advertised in Japan where the employers were asking students, if you don’t understand how to do better prompts, don’t apply.

And this, we’ll start seeing that more often from here on because prompting is not easy in itself. And we learned through our own journey of teaching, the better the prompting kept going, the better the results started coming. So that will be a whole new requirement from the organizations as an employability skill. How good are you at prompting? Because prompting takes a while if you keep playing with it, but those who are better at prompting, who know straight away get into the job and what kind of questions to ask, they’ll be more in demand.