Higher Education

Authentic Assessment in AI Era Webinar Series

GoReact is hosting a series of webinars to help educators navigate AI and redesign assessment practices to drive meaningful learning across all disciplines. 

Watch one or all of them.

In these free webinars, you’ll learn:

  • How AI tools like ChatGPT have disrupted higher ed and sparked an assessment makeover
  • Strategies and tools to create optimal assessments that enable students to demonstrate learning
  • Examples of authentic assessments that measure work-ready skills and learning and protect academic integrity

What’s Inside:

Authentic Assessments for the AI Era

Discover how AI tools like ChatGPT are reshaping academia and creating an urgent need for authentic assessments that drive meaningful learning.

Rethinking Assessment in the Age of AI

Higher ed faculty reveal strategies and tools they use to create optimal assessments that enable students to demonstrate their learning and drive growth through meaningful feedback.

Mastering Assignment Makeovers to Enrich Instruction

Featuring educator, author and thought leader Derek Bruff, who shares specific examples of revamping assignments and assessments to make sure students aren't circumventing learning with AI tools.