GoReact Strengthens Partnership With Skills and Education Group to Support Skill Development Around the Globe

A press release announcing an expanded partnership between GoReact and Skills and Education Group to elevate skill development and enhance assessment quality across various disciplines



20% of Graduating Teachers Use GoReact

GoReact continues to grow in teacher preparation programs across the U.S., highlighting its impact on strengthening teacher training and educational outcomes

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Harper College Success Story

Learn how and why one of California’s largest universities chose to scale GoReact campuswide

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Using AI in Education to Drive Learning Efficiency and Academic Success

A blog post exploring how AI in education is revolutionizing learning efficiency and academic success, empowering educators with tools like the AI Assistant in GoReact AI to streamline feedback, personalize support, and prepare students for future challenges

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Session Recap: AI in Higher Education

A blog post on AI’s impact on teaching strategies and policies in higher education, with expert advice on ethical use and innovative practices


Session Recap: Guided Online Coaching for Teacher Growth

A blog post that explores a 3-phase online coaching model for teacher development, leveraging GoReact for interactive learning and support

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Bridging Theory & Practice With Video Assessment: Insights From Eastern Kentucky University

A blog post explores how Eastern Kentucky University’s Teacher Ed Program is leveraging video assessment technology to enhance candidate prep, especially in rural and remote placements

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Enhancing STEM Education With Video Assessment

A blog exploring how video assessment technology can enhance STEM education — making it more effective, interactive, and accessible than ever before


GoReact’s New AI Assistant: Discover The Power of AI in Teaching

AI features designed to revolutionize skill development and personalized instruction – the AI Assistant in GoReact – now available for higher education, teacher coaching, and professional skill development

Higher Education | 10 MINUTE READ

The Ultimate Guide to AI in Education: 4 Ways AI Can Deepen Learning and Drive Efficiencies

Explore how AI in higher education can enhance teaching efficiency, personalize learning, and accelerate skill development in our comprehensive guide on leveraging AI to its full potential