GoReact for Classroom Observation

A short video excerpt highlighting GoReact functionality that’s most helpful for classroom observation and teachers’ professional development


Higher Education | 10 MINUTE READ

How to Give Effective Feedback to Students

A research-based resource detailing characteristics of valuable feedback, along with methods and techniques for optimizing feedback delivery

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Live Review Limits

A short video clip explaining how many students and instructors can participate in a live review

Higher Education | 5 MINUTE WATCH

GoReact or Zoom? It Depends!

A short video clip discussing how GoReact and Zoom can both work to record skill demonstration

Higher Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

GoReact Integration With an LMS

A short video clip highlighting how GoReact can be launched seamlessly inside any major or custom Learning Management System


Video + Feedback for Fully Supported K12 Teachers

A one-page resource highlighting the benefits of GoReact for K12 teacher growth

5 Benefits of Adopting GoReact Campuswide

A case study about how Purdue Fort Wayne uses GoReact across their campus

Using Impactful Technology To Quickly Support University Needs

A case study about how The University of Warwick uses GoReact

Higher Education | 59 MINUTE WATCH

Effective & Efficient Feedback

A webinar featuring JD Schramm from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE WATCH

Learning the Benefits of Audio and Video Feedback in GoReact

A short video clip where Jeff Przybylo demonstrates how to use audio and video feedback in GoReact