California State University San Bernardino's Success Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, technological solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing systems while empowering both faculty and students are invaluable. Enter GoReact, a transformative video assessment and feedback solution that has brought substantial benefits to the academic community at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB). 

Dr. Mauricio Cadavid, Senior Instructional Designer for Academic Technologies & Innovation at CSUSB, first discovered GoReact in 2018 to support the faculty and students at the Jack Brown College of Business. Since then, GoReact has become an integral part of the technology toolkit across different departments, truly boosting the skills-based learning experience across the campus.


Ease of Adoption

“Learning to use GoReact was remarkably straightforward, even in comparison to other solutions used at CSUSB.”
- Dr. Mauricio Cadavid

The four things that make GoReact so easy to use across multiple platforms are: LMS integration, access & affordability, rubrics, and availability.

And faculty and students saw the benefits of using video to practice and develop skills, and then the simple feedback features to drive improvement and student success.

LMS Integration

Faculty can assign mock interviews, and students can complete them, through a login they’re already used to from regular classwork.

Access & Affordability

A sitewide license allows all departments to access GoReact, eliminating the need to pay for and manage multiple and semi-redundant tools that silo learning and student information.


Set up the mock interview rubric once and use it for every student. They’re all graded against the same standards and eliminate bias.


Students can do their mock interviews, or any other career center activities at times they’re available-which are often outside of office hours, without needing an appointment.

See how CSUSB is using video feedback to make sure students are interview ready.
Hear more from Dr. Cadavid, other faculty and students on how GoReact helps drive skills-based learning across campus.

Boosting ROI

With a comprehensive campus license, departments and programs gained unrestricted access, eliminating the need for managing multiple licenses and disparate systems. For instance, the business school replaced an expensive, functionally limited platform for job interview practice with GoReact. 

By leveraging the campus-wide license, CSU’s Career Center not only improved functionality but also reduced expenses, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively. 

“We started wondering why we are spending funds for this platform that has the same capabilities. We’re always digging for funds for our programs, and because it’s already part of our university system, this is one way we can save.”

- Sarai Moldanado

See how GoReact can save time and simplify skills-based learning in any discipline.

Seamless LMS Integration

GoReact seamlessly integrated into CSUSB’s Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), streamlining accessibility and efficiency across multiple departments. This unified approach eliminated the hurdles posed by varied tools, ensuring a seamless experience for students and instructors alike.

See how CSUSB is using video feedback to make sure students are interview ready.

Smooth Scaling

Introducing new technology to a diverse campus often presents challenges. However, GoReact’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface addressed this concern. Faculty quickly embraced the platform, overcoming apprehensions related to time constraints and unfamiliar systems.

Higher ed institutions often face student privacy concerns but GoReact offers a robust set of compliance, data, and encryption controls, providing a secure environment for video assessments for any student.

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Intentional Growth

Dr. Cadavid first started using GoReact in 2018 with the faculty and students in the Jack Brown College of Business at CSUSB. At the time, it was just used in one course for students to practice their elevator pitch presentations. But it didn’t take long for faculty to see the potential of using video + feedback for their assessments, and soon business school faculty were using it for assessments.

Then word spread, and other programs, like the College of Education, needed to modernize their tech stack. It was then that the college realized a campus-wide license of GoReact just made sense.

See how GoReact empowers every student to develop skills they need to be competent grads.