Higher Education

A Student’s Perspective: Using Tech in the Classroom Primes You for the Real World

A short video clip featuring a recent graduate on how using technology in college helps prepare new employees for the tools they will need to use in their careers

Hear how exposing students to technology in the classroom gets them comfortable with the tools they will have to use as employees.


Gilberto Valadez:

The way it’s been preparing me is through self-growth and development exposing me to the new tools available that are ever-changing and ready to be utilized and adapted in the changing economy that we’re about to come into. After the pandemic, technology and distance learning has ushered into every sector of society and people need to adapt. And I believe that all the information, all the learning I’m using, I’m utilizing here in this program will reflect as well in the real world when I go into the workforce or when anybody goes into the workforce. And this technology that we’re learning here facilitates the learning experience for me and any other person coming into the graduate program, increases productivity and it makes you more proactive for the tools that are even yet to be adapted in the ever-changing economy of this new 21st century workforce.