Higher Education

Connecting Classrooms to Professionals

A short video clip about how to set up experiences that bring learning outside the classroom

Hear how one university is forming partnerships that extend learning outside the classroom to prepare career-ready students.


Zack Rigney:

We’ve seen a lot of great partnerships and a lot of our experiential programs. Like I said this last week when I was in Atlanta, we were actually partnered with a current faculty member who very much has some great connections within Atlanta and has been a really strong push for us to put this program together. And it went from zero to us going on the program in less than a year.

So just really having that partnership, and it doesn’t even have to be something big like a week long experiential program, but we see a lot of great success with a number of our faculty members who just see like, hey, there’s this visit that’s happening or there’s this speaker happening, and whether they join in as a host or just a participant and listening to the panel, just being there and being readily visible to our students has always been something that’s very successful and ultimately hearing their perspective as well has been helpful to connect the classroom to the professional.