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5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Foreign Language Courses

5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Foreign Language Courses

Teaching online courses is difficult. But teaching foreign language courses online? That’s a beast of its own.

It may seem impossible to teach skills such as pronunciation, grammar, and interpreting online. But it can be done with an innovative tool—GoReact

To help you see how GoReact can help your students drastically improve their language skills, we’re sharing 5 ways to use GoReact in online foreign language courses. 

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1. Group Discussions

GoReact setup: Multiple Camera Assignment

Use GoReact’s multiple cameras feature to facilitate group discussions. Group discussions are especially helpful in language courses because they allow students to practice conversation skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation. GoReact allows up to 9 students to record simultaneously, and each participant can leave feedback for their classmates. With the multiple cameras feature, all comments are time-coded—even with multiple feeds combined in a single video.

When using asynchronous tools like Zoom, instructors don’t always have time to check in on every group and offer feedback. But using GoReact’s multiple cameras feature, instructors can listen to group discussions and give feedback on their own time—ensuring that each group is heard. 

2. One-On-One Practice

GoReact setup: Multiple Camera Assignment

Instructors can create video sessions to meet with students one-on-one and help them practice speaking, interpreting, or pronunciation with a multiple camera assignment. Because it can be difficult to connect with students when teaching online, this type of assignment is a perfect way to interact with students and help them improve their language skills. 

3. Interpreting Practice

GoReact setup: Stimulus Assignment

Stimulus assignments are a great way to have your students practice interpreting. Using a stimulus assignment, students can watch or listen to a media prompt while simultaneously recording a response. After the response is recorded, instructors can watch the video and response side by side for grading. 

4. Student Presentations

GoReact setup: Standard Assignment

Using a standard assignment, students can give their presentation to the entire class in real-time. GoReact’s live review feature allows instructors and peers to simultaneously give real-time feedback during the recording. This creates the same energy online as a presentation day creates in a face-to-face class. You can even assign your students to give live feedback for each presentation in the language they’re learning. 

You could also assign students to submit pre-recorded presentations to GoReact. Checking the “Presenter Slides” box on a standard assignment will allow students to upload a PDF slide deck and record a video alongside it, saving the slide transitions as they go.

5. Tests and Quizzes

GoReact setup: Test Assignment

If you want to quiz your students on their vocabulary or language proficiency, try using GoReact’s test assignment. The test assignment limits video submissions to one attempt. Videos are automatically submitted when students are done recording without the option to pause or delete. By setting up this type of assignment, you’ll be able to test your students’ language skills on the spot. 

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We hope these 5 assignment ideas will help teach foreign language courses online. And applications aren’t limited to what’s written in this article. If you’ve found a clever way to use GoReact while remote teaching, send us an email at We’d love to see how you’re using GoReact to engage your students! 

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