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GoReact Helps Build Campus Relationships and Collaboration

A short video clip on how more conversations and collaboration have happened at this Texas Teacher Prep program because of GoReact

Hear how one Texas Teacher Prep program is fostering better relationships and conversations with teachers. Watch the Full Webinar


LeeAnn McGraw:

GoReact is an awesome platform for being able to be there, but not always be there. And I think it doesn’t replace, it doesn’t replace the in-person, it doesn’t replace the in-person conversations, but it gives you more of that, and it actually, to me, helps initiate that collaboration with the teachers, and it helps initiate that conversation, because you put that question in there, you put that comment, and you go find them, or they come find you and say, “Hey, what did you mean on this part? Because I watched it, but give me some ideas of how I could do that differently.” You see what I’m saying? So it initiates, and I think fosters those relationships on a campus.