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GoReact Enables Real-Life Experiences Students Need

A short video clip describing how video assessment + feedback helps students have the relevant experiences to develop skills they need for their careers

Hear why students at University of Alabama’s online program are better prepared for their jobs.

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Matthew Short:

Alison, with the spotlight on skills and the pressure on higher ed institutions to help ensure students have the skills needed for work and life once they’ve completed their education, what role do you see GoReact playing in that skill development from what you’ve seen at the University of Alabama online?

Alison Lewis:

Well, offering those students that real life experience is what it’s all about. Because the more that we can offer them those real life experience, when they really do take that job or step into their new career, they will have something to fall back on where they’ve actually experienced what they’re doing. And the physical assessments and the student teaching are both offering those students those real life experiences.

For the future courses that pick it up for job interviews or presentations, all of that also lends to the real life experience. And I feel like the more that we can offer these students that real life experience, the better off they’re going to be when they first take that first job or even continuing on in a career.