GoReact Expands Into Schools Market With Video Feedback Platform for Teacher CPD

GoReact Expands Into Schools Market With Video Feedback Platform for Teacher CPD

OREM, Utah — March 13, 2023 — GoReact today announced its expansion into the schools, Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and Local Authority (LA) markets, and the availability of its video feedback software for supporting teachers’ continued professional development. The formal expansion comes in response to rising global demand for video assessment and feedback solutions, and after multiple, successful pilots with schools and university teacher training providers, which used GoReact to support teacher growth and development, peer review and sharing best practices.

“GoReact has become a standard part of tech stacks across institutions worldwide, especially in new teacher education and development, and we’re thrilled to extend the benefits of our platform to schools around the globe,” said Jenny Gordon, Vice President of International Markets at GoReact. “We all need to do more to support the incredible teachers shouldering ever-heavier burdens. GoReact empowers schools to better support teacher induction, growth and development.”

The proprietary video assessment + feedback software from GoReact will help schools offer more support for: 

  • Initial teacher training & early career teaching through increased practice and model instruction
  • Continued professional development, creating a culture of continuous growth with feedback to help tailor professional learning 
  • Self-reflection by building strong reflective practice 
  • Schools, authorities & MATs to collaborate and engage as a team around classroom instruction in a whole new way

“One of the real advantages we’ve found and why I love GoReact for teacher observations is enabling trainees to reflect and to receive feedback either instantly or after the event with a mentor,” said Jonty Leese, Associate Professor at University of Warwick. “This has really facilitated the reflective cycle and being able to pinpoint what exactly has happened at that exact time is very powerful.”

With entry into the schools market, GoReact is planning a comprehensive product roadmap geared toward the unique and evolving needs of schools and other industries. GoReact is known for making sure student data is safeguarded with enterprise-grade encryption, compliance with GDPR and EU-based security, and ensuring tech leaders have complete control of student privacy and data security. 

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