GoReact launches GoReact + Zoom to make it easier for learners to submit videos for skill assessments

GoReact launches GoReact + Zoom to make it easier for learners to submit videos for skill assessments

GoReact today announced the public launch of GoReact + Zoom, an integrated video assessment experience that combines GoReact’s leading video observation, coaching, and assessment platform with the world’s most popular video conferencing app. 

“By connecting GoReact and Zoom, we’ve created the easiest and most effective way for teachers and learners to use video for skills-based assessment,” said Ken Meyers, GoReact’s founder and CEO. “Education is evolving into a blended experience that combines online and in-person learning. This launch is a meaningful step in making video feedback and assessment an everyday part of this new environment.”

GoReact + Zoom enables students in fields such as teacher preparation, sign language, communication, and nursing to easily capture video recordings on Zoom and then import to GoReact for grading and feedback. This allows teachers and educators to leverage the ubiquity of Zoom, which is used by 300 million people every day, to record videos for assessment. 

GoReact + Zoom works for users with paid or free Zoom accounts. Users with paid Zoom accounts simply can record videos and import them to GoReact directly from the Zoom cloud. Free Zoom users can still upload recorded videos to GoReact by saving the files to their computer’s local drive first. GoReact + Zoom also allows selective uploads vs. unnecessary large batch migrations on other platforms.

“We were very intentional in making this integrated experience as user-friendly as possible,” Meyers said. “As one example, it’s not helpful if your video assessment tool simply ingests all your Zoom videos and then makes you sort out the mess. We invested extra time and thought into creating a process that reduces unnecessary work and frustration for educators and students alike.”

Once a learner uploads a Zoom video to GoReact, the instructor can append rich, time-coded feedback — including files, markers, and text, audio, or video responses — directly to the student’s submission. This functionality, combined with the multi-camera support and high-definition resolution offered by Zoom, provides an unmatched video assessment experience. 

GoReact + Zoom is the latest move toward a fully integrated video assessment tech stack for teaching and learning. Education market analysts at Tambellini Group recently identified video assessment as one of the fastest-growing categories in education technology, a trend that has only accelerated due to the prolonged impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on colleges and universities. 

To learn more about GoReact + Zoom, visit the Zoom Marketplace, review our step-by-step help center article, or read our explainer blog post

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