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What is Video Based Assessment?

What is Video Based Assessment?

Can video improve student outcomes and help develop skills? It depends on the kind of video technology you’re using. 

You’ve probably heard the chatter that video is changing education, but the truth is that most of the video solutions in higher ed just host videos. And let’s be honest, if your video software simply hosts one-dimensional recordings of teachers lecturing or students assignments . . . it’s probably not improving student outcomes.

Enter GoReact, an interactive, video based assessment tool used in higher education.

Unlike the majority of video tools out there, GoReact was developed specifically with student outcomes and skill development in mind. And this video based assessment software just might make a big difference for you too. 

What is Video Based Assessment?

In layman’s terms, video based assessment is when an instructor or administrator uses visual recordings as evidence to evaluate a student or teacher performance. As GoReact is a comprehensive video base assessment software, GoReact makes it easy to record, upload, store, give feedback, grade, and analyze student videos. 

A video based assessment software makes it easy to record, upload, store, give feedback, grade, and analyze videos.

With this definition, it’s no surprise that a video based assessment software is the tool to develop demonstrable skills like public speaking, artistic performances, healthcare procedures, and foreign languages. In fact, that’s why GoReact has become the #1 video software for skill development in many diverse disciplines.

Who Uses It?

More importantly, is a video based assessment tool something your department could use? 

Yes. If we look at GoReact, just about every department on campus can use it to improve student outcomes and develop skills. Currently GoReact is being used for nursing skills check-offs, student teacher observations, class presentations, artistic performances, online courses, and more. Professors even use it to record and code their research.

Seriously, video based assessment software is for all learners and educators. Just read the eight creative ways customers use GoReact. If you’re unsure how you can incorporate video based assessment into your classroom, no problem. Do you teach or evaluate any demonstrable skills in your class? If the answer is yes, then GoReact can help you simplify the process. 

How Does Video Based Assessment Work? 

Let’s illustrate a specific use for video based assessment in higher education. The software’s most common use case is student presentations. 


Depending on the software you use, the first step is recording. With GoReact, you don’t need fancy equipment. You or your students can simply record student presentations with webcams, laptops, computers, or smartphones. This also means students can record their presentations outside of class or record live during class presentation days. 


You can view a student’s recording by having them download it onto a jump drives or uploading it to YouTube. There are a lot of options, but the most effective and secure way is the cloud. 

With GoReact, you upload the student video directly into the cloud. And once the video is in the cloud, you and the student can access it anytime and anywhere. And that 24/7 access is secure. GoReact is even COPPA, FERPA, and HIPAA compliant. 

What if you have spotty wifi in your basement classroom? GoReact ensures that videos upload quickly and reliably by automatically compressing video files.


Now comes the assessment. Again, you can evaluate student videos a lot of different ways. You can write down scores and feedback piece of paper or Google doc., but these options can take a lot of time. What’s fantastic about GoReact’s comments is you can give time-coded text, audio, or video comments directly on the video feed. And it’s easy to give other students access to videos for some peer feedback.

Professors also love our customizable markers. You create makers to easily flag common mistakes (e.g., filler words or folded arms) or tag specific skills (e.g., eye contact).


Finally, the best part about this process is student improvement. Research shows that video based assessment has a lot to offer students: heightened problem-solving, mastery of new skills, and increased student engagement. 

It makes sense that students seeing themselves and receiving time-coded feedback on their presentations helps students learn demonstrable skills faster than ever

GoReact is the Video Based Assessment Tool You Need

So can video make a difference in your classroom? If you try out a video based assessment software, then yes. It’s the combination of easy recording, secure storage, and contextual feedback that GoReact can improve student outcomes and help students develop skills faster. 

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