Teacher Education

Maximizing the Transformative Power of Feedback for Teacher Candidates

A webinar featuring Dr. Marti Elford from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Do you spend hours giving feedback and assume teacher candidates never read it?

You’re not alone. That’s why Dr. Marti Elford tackled this perennial feedback issue with colleagues in their book “GET Feedback.” Dr. Elford and her co-authors argue that behavior-changing feedback must focus on teacher candidates as adult learners.

In this free webinar, Marti:

  • Explains the importance of placing teacher candidates at the center of feedback
  • Presents a framework that connects feedback and adult learning theory
  • Answers questions submitted by attendees of the live workshop

Dr. Marti Elford

Dr. Marti Elford is an Instructor in the MAT Program at SIUE. She formerly served as Program Designer for the Online High Incidence Disabilities Teacher Education Practicum Program at the University of Kansas. She has experience as a classroom teacher, a reading specialist, and an instructional coach. Her research interests revolve around feedback: the impact of coaching on professional growth for pre- and in-service teachers; using virtual learning environments such as VPP Lab for teacher preparation and professional development; and using technologies to deliver feedback to teachers and students.