Mentoring and Reflective Practice Matter to New Teachers

A short video clip describing the key ingredients for setting new teachers up for success with support and tools to grow

Learn about the importance of creating opportunities for teacher candidates to experience solving classroom problems combined with reflection and guidance to deepen learning.


Ann Stark:

So, one of the reasons why I’ve been an induction mentor so long is because I so believe in the need for a one-on-one mentor that supports you. When I started 22 years ago, it was, “Here’s the keys to your classroom. Good luck.” And that’s scary. So, having the opportunity to work with new teachers and help them to build a reflective practice that is based on data analysis and looking at student engagement and classroom management, and providing just in time support, and giving the teachers the tools and the guidance that provides them the opportunity to grow across the teaching standards, and having an awareness of how to find solutions through guiding questions. Not so much telling them what to do, but being able to work with them and have them reflect on what’s happening and then look at possible solutions together and talk about how that would work in their classroom and for their situation and with their demographics of students, and parents, and all of those things is so valuable.