4 GoReact Updates You’ll Love

4 GoReact Updates You’ll Love

Your summer just got better!

GoReact is thrilled to release four features today just in time for your fall courses. 

The use of video in education is spreading like wildfire. In fact, hundreds of universities and tens of thousands of educators now use GoReact for student videos, live in-class sessions, online courses, and more. 

We get a lot of great feedback from you about what would make GoReact better. Your top requests are now a reality. 

More Ways to Collaborate With Video

Group Recording Session

Our most-requested feature has been the ability to do group recordings. GoReact now supports multiple cameras in a single assignment. You can have up to 9 participants recording simultaneously. Even with multiple feeds combined in a single video, your comments are still time-coded at the exact right moment.

The possibilities are endless: online courses, team presentations, web conferencing, additional camera angles, virtual language labs, and more.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it!

Customizable Marker Sets

Wish you could flag a common mistake with one click? Or mark a crucial moment in a video? That’s exactly what you can do with markers.

Marker sets can now be customized with up to 30 unique markers.

“Markers have simplified my comments on student work immensely. Being able to identify them and set markers allows my comments to focus on more specific aspects of students’ work. I love them.”—Judy Shepard-Kegl, University of Southern Maine

In addition to a unique color, markers get a two-letter code to help you distinguish between all 30.

Use markers to tag skills you’ve taught, note where teaching standards are demonstrated, and code research with greater detail.

Feedback Hold

Instructors now have more control over sharing feedback and posting grades. It can be dicey for students to see scores before they’re 100% finalized. Now with a simple toggle you can hide all feedback and grades until you’re ready.

Privacy and Security Upgrades

Flash-Free Recordings

In 2020, all major browsers are ending support for Flash. A big reason why: security concerns. GoReact is now flash-free in Chrome and Firefox and will be flash-free in all major browsers by the end of the year. No more installing or updating Flash.

“This is great! No troubleshooting browsers or installing Flash means more study time for our students.”—Oswaldo Solano, Western Governors University

Automatic Virus Scanning

GoReact now scans every uploaded file for viruses and malware behind the scenes. You may not notice, but your IT department will sleep easier at night.

“This set of features represents GoReact’s close collaboration with customers to provide continued leadership in video-based skills assessment. We are grateful for their help and proud of our team.”—Brent Bingham, GoReact’s Chief Strategy Officer

See how video assessment tools and features can improve your students’ outcomes, skills, and learning.

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