Get Some Perspective (Literally) With Our New Multi-Camera Feature

Get Some Perspective (Literally) With Our New Multi-Camera Feature

How do you fold a paper airplane?

No matter how you fold it, now you can capture those nitty-gritty, origami details with the GoReact multi-camera feature. 

This new feature lets students record a stimulus or standard assignment with up to four cameras. More perspective is always a good thing, and now you can literally get more perspective analyzing and giving feedback on any skill.

So get ready to use this multi-camera feature for micro and macro perspectives and to assess skills from every angle.

Use Multi-Camera for Anything

Just like that paper airplane, the sky’s the limit with our multiple cameras feature. Off the top of our head, we can think of several ways instructors can utilize this feature to enhance learning and skill assessment:

  • Resident psychologists can place a camera on themselves and another on their clients during counseling sessions.
  • Student nurses can set up cameras from different angles in the simulation lab. 
  • Student teachers can point a camera to the front of the room and another at the class to observe student participation and behaviors. 

(And, of course, you can capture all those complicated paper airplane folds.) Remember, this is just a preliminary list! GoReact customers find innovative and ingenious ways to use GoReact features, and we have high hopes for this one too. 

How the Multi-Camera Feature Works

There are a few key details to keep in mind with this new feature. 

  1. The multi-camera feature doesn’t require any extra steps for instructors.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to do anything on your end to use this feature. There are no settings to configure or boxes to check when you set up the assignment. (You already do so much, we didn’t want to add anything to your plate.) 

The feature lives in all standard and stimulus assignments. When your students go into any standard or stimulus assignment to record, they can click on the media icon and then the “add camera” button. From there, they can configure up to four cameras using any built-in or external camera that is connected to their computer. 

  1. It works seamlessly with existing features.

You don’t have to give up the GoReact features you know and love to use the multi-camera feature. This tool pairs seamlessly with screen capture, live review, and slide-sync.

  1. This feature is only available on Chromium browsers (i.e. Chrome and Edge). 

Be sure to tell your students to use a chrome browser for this feature. 

For more information, check out our help desk’s short article, “Multiple Cameras on a Single Recording.”

Live Group Recording Sessions

And that’s not all the good news. As you may know, a few years ago we released our highly-requested group recording session feature. This feature allows up to nine participants to record simultaneously in GoReact, which allows for team presentations, discussions, assignments, and web conferencing. 

We’re happy to announce that now you can give live feedback for group recording sessions.

(If your curious about using the group recording session feature, check out “3 Ways to Use GoReact’s Group Recording Feature in Online Learning Courses.)”

Widen Your Plane of Vision

All this good news can be a little overwhelming. Breathe. Just remember, whether you’re demonstrating paper airplane folding skills or a health assessment, the new multi-camera feature heightens your ability to assess skills and give feedback. 

Before, you only had one vantage point to observe a skill. Now you can observe skills from four different perspectives concurrently. Frankly, it’s a skill assessment superpower. 

So if you want some perspective, ask students to add more cameras by reading a quick tutorial on adding cameras. Once they’ve read it, you’ll literally broaden your perspective (broaden it four times—to be exact).

What are you waiting for? Take flight with the new GoReact multi-camera superpower. 

Want to learn more? GoReact now offers self-paced training courses. We have beginner courses for new faculty, refresher courses for veterans, discipline-specific courses to train faculty, and advanced discipline courses. Check out GoReact Academy!