GoReact Now Available for Sign Language Training

GoReact Now Available for Sign Language Training

Collaboration with ASL Community Adds Video Commenting for Visual Feedback

Following an extensive collaboration with the American Sign Language academic community, GoReact has added specific features for “visual feedback” that create an ideal web platform for sign language teaching and ASL interpreter training.

The new features will be showcased at the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT), October 17-20 in Charlotte, N.C., and will be released publicly by the end of the month.

In addition to GoReact’s original cloud recording and time-coded text comments, the system now supports “Video Comments” that can be recorded by a reviewer, along with a text explanation that can be displayed with the video comment.

The video comments are time-coded to the original video, just like any other feedback in the system. This allows a reviewer to leave multiple video comment items along the timeline, resulting in an exceptionally specific visual feedback experience.

“This is the perfect product for ASL and interpreting instruction,” said Andrea Smith, undergraduate program director for interpreter training at University of South Florida. “The software features resolved so many of the problems I had when attempting to grade student videos.  The best feature though is the responsiveness of the developers. They truly seem to care about meeting the unique needs of the ASL and interpreting community.”

“We’re very excited to announce this feature collaboration with the ASL teaching community,” said Ken Meyers, CEO of GoReact. “We’ve worked with faculty from several universities in developing the visual feedback elements of GoReact, and they are thrilled with how smooth and easy to use they are.”

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