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5 Reasons Higher Ed Should Use GoReact

5 Reasons Higher Ed Should Use GoReact

Is there a higher ed tech tool that saves your college money and saves your faculty time?

Yes. It’s the same tool that helps students learn demonstrable skills faster.

It’s called GoReact—a video-based assessment software. It can be used by just about every discipline on your virtual or physical higher ed campus: nursing, teacher ed, psychology, communication, foreign languages, performing arts, etc. 

Here are five ways GoReact can benefit your students, faculty, administrators, and college as a whole.

1. Students Learn Skills Faster

Students learn demonstrable skills faster with video assessment technology. How do we know? Research, along with our customers, has found that students pick up skills faster with video. 

That’s what Dr. Sarah Mire at the University of Houston witnessed as her graduate students used GoReact to record themselves administering psychiatric tests. She’s taught this course four times before, but her fifth time was different. “I’ve seen greater improvement in a much faster time,” says Dr. Mire “and I attribute that to GoReact.” 

2. Colleges Save Money

GoReact saves departments thousands of dollars in travel costs for onsite supervisions and observations. 

As online courses become more popular, the need for onsite supervisions and observations in higher ed only grows while budgets remain stagnant. This was the experience of UWA’s College of Education, which went $30,000 over their travel budget for the year. 

To cut travel expenses drastically, the College of Education used GoReact to observe their student teachers. Not only were costs cut, GoReact also made it possible for students to be observed more frequently. That’s why the College of Education’s Dean said, “GoReact is a life saver, a time saver, and money saver.” 

3. Faculty Save Time

Along with money shortages, many universities are suffering faculty shortages. GoReact provides a helpful solution to this problem too because it’s hosted in the cloud. 

There simply isn’t enough time or resources for an instructor to give 120 students hands-on experience and personal feedback. But GoReact allows students to record themselves performing demonstrable skills. Because GoReact is hosted in the Cloud, instructors can grade assignments anytime and anywhere.

4. Students Get Better Feedback

The incorporation of feedback makes GoReact especially unique. When an instructor gives feedback in GoReact, it’s directly inserted on the video feed. A corresponding time-code is automatically created, allowing students to click a link to review that particular section of video. 

That’s why ECU’s College of Education believed GoReact’s time-coded feedback feature would improve feedback for student teaching video. And they were right. In an article in the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, Dr. Tshida reports that 88% of the student teachers using GoReact found their video feedback useful.

5. Programs Get Evidence for Accreditation 

Whatever department you’re in—nursing, teacher education, or ASL—an accrediting body always asks for evidence that your students are meeting their standards. 

UMass Boston’s Nursing and Health Sciences must prove that their nursing students have mastered oral communication skills. “Normally, what we do when the CCNE comes is show them the syllabus,” explained Dr. Ali Galindo. But pointing to the syllabus doesn’t give irrefutable evidence that students are learning presentation skills. 

This is where GoReact can make the difference for your higher ed program. Instead of showing an assignment on a syllabus, “how nice would it be to click and show them what you have them do?” asked Dr. Galindo. 

Well, it can be that easy. Dr. Galindo can now prove that her students are learning presentation skills by showing the CCNE a 30-second GoReact video of a student poster presentation. And that’s exactly what she plans to do this semester. 

See What GoReact Can Do For You

GoReact can help higher ed in more ways than the five ways listed above. To find out what GoReact can do for you specifically, sign up for a personalized demo with a GoReact representative.