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Saving Instructor Time & Boosting Student Outcomes

A short video clip describing the key benefits that GoReact delivers at University of Alabama Online

Hear specifically how GoReact contributes to the success of both instructors and students in this online program.

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Matthew Short:

From your work or efforts, do you have any results, whether it’s quantifiable or maybe just anecdotal on how GoReact has improved student outcomes from its integration into your coursework?

Alison Lewis:

So our department’s not really privy to a lot of that information, but what we are privy to is the success that the instructors and the students have using the tool. And just the standalone fact that the two programs that was introduced to seven years ago is still using it and have picked up even some of the new features in GoReact, means a lot, means that it is successful. And whether it’s for efficiency time sake, student outcomes, the big picture is all better with GoReact too.