Higher Education

Strategies for Student Success Using GoReact

An interactive webinar where you can discover new ways to provide better, quicker feedback using video

Whether you’re teaching in person, remotely, or both, video is here to stay. It has become an essential assessment tool across higher education, saving instructors time and helping them provide more meaningful feedback.  Watch this webinar to discover how to leverage video tools to assess and deliver more specific, timely and comprehensive feedback that motivates student growth. 

In this free recorded webinar, featuring use cases in higher education, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for leveraging video assessment features to save time and increase student engagement
  • Easy ways to gain student adoption and features that make it simple
  • Which GoReact features instructors say they can’t live without

About Pete Morgan

At GoReact, Pete Morgan manages partnerships and relationships with large, enterprise customers, helping them to achieve greater success through scalable learning activities, streamlined access, and custom interoperability.