Focus Less on Knowledge & More on Doing

A short video clip on how nursing programs can ensure new nurses are prepared for practice


Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Time and Efficiency Gains With GoReact

A short video clip on how to save time and effectively evaluate students for skills they’ll need in their jobs

Nursing Education | 3 MINUTE WATCH

Evaluation is Key to Preparing New Nurses

A short video clip on assignment types that are most effective for developing clinical judgment in nursing students

Nursing Education | 4 minute read

Assessment and Feedback to Meet the New Essentials

As AACN requirements evolve, it’s important to rethink and revise instructional strategies to ensure the competence and practice readiness of nursing graduates.

Nursing Education | 5 MINUTE READ

3 Must-Haves for Recording Nursing Assessments With Video

A blog post focused on helping nurse educators evaluate video assessment software