Authentic Assessment in AI Era Webinar Series

A series of webinars on the impact of AI and how to redesign assessments to drive meaningful learning and work-ready skills


Higher Education | 10 MINUTE READ

Ultimate Guide to Authentic Assessment in an AI-Enabled World

Insights and practical tips on designing assessments to support authentic learning and prevent cheating

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Instructing and Assessing for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

A blog post on why what happens in today’s classroom should be focused on building skills for jobs that don’t yet exist

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Redefining Assessment: A Path to Proficiency in Humanities

A blog post with simple tips and examples of retooling traditional assessments into authentic assessments that measure learning and application of knowledge and skills

Higher Education | 53 MINUTE WATCH

Authentic Assessments for the AI Era

A webinar focussed on how education providers and instructors are reconsidering effective and authentic feedback and assessment strategies as AI tools and resources become readily available to students around the world

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

What’s Authentic Assessment & Why Should You Be Using It?

A blog post on the importance of assessing students authentically, and why it’s becoming the most important assessment strategy