Using AI in Education to Drive Learning Efficiency and Academic Success

A blog post exploring how AI in education is revolutionizing learning efficiency and academic success, empowering educators with tools like the AI Assistant in GoReact AI to streamline feedback, personalize support, and prepare students for future challenges


Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Session Recap: AI in Higher Education

A blog post on AI’s impact on teaching strategies and policies in higher education, with expert advice on ethical use and innovative practices


Session Recap: Guided Online Coaching for Teacher Growth

A blog post that explores a 3-phase online coaching model for teacher development, leveraging GoReact for interactive learning and support

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Bridging Theory & Practice With Video Assessment: Insights From Eastern Kentucky University

A blog post explores how Eastern Kentucky University’s Teacher Ed Program is leveraging video assessment technology to enhance candidate prep, especially in rural and remote placements

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Enhancing STEM Education With Video Assessment

A blog exploring how video assessment technology can enhance STEM education — making it more effective, interactive, and accessible than ever before


Session Recap: Open Door Leadership – How to Build Capacity & Lead Through Collaboration

A blog post on the importance of building collaboration and community in educational programs


6-Step Framework for Building a Teacher Professional Development Plan

A blog post discussing how to improve teacher professional development using a comprehensive six-step framework and strategic tools such as peer observations, self-reflection, and regular feedback sessions

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Session Recap: AI in Teaching Writing and Literature

A blog post exploring AI use in education, emphasizing its role in enhancing research and writing skills while addressing ethical issues and academic integrity

Professional | 3 MINUTE READ

8 Ways to Improve Skills-Based Learning in the Workplace

A blog focused on helping employers use GoReact to close the skills gap in their organizations, offering eight strategies for enhancing skills-based learning, from assessments to personalized training and feedback

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Session Recap: Embracing AI for Teacher Preparation

A blog post with insights from four teacher educators with practical examples for integrating AI into teacher prep programs