6-Step Framework for Building a Teacher Professional Development Plan

6-Step Framework for Building a Teacher Professional Development Plan

Teacher skill development is a crucial aspect of maintaining high-quality education and developing a culture of lifelong learning. Implementing a structured professional development plan can help teachers refine their skills and stay updated with educational best practices. Whether you’re focusing on personal growth or leading a team, having a clear strategy is essential. This convenient six-step framework provides a straightforward approach to implementing an effective teacher development plan.

1. Assess the Teacher’s Current Skill Level

The first step in any development plan is understanding the starting point. Compare current skills against relevant benchmarks to get a clear picture of where the teacher stands. Using video assessments can be particularly effective here. They offer an objective view and can be revisited to track progress over time.

2. Identify a Skill for Growth

You can’t implement skill development for teachers without identifying specific areas for improvement. After assessing current skills, pinpoint one clear area to focus on. This targeted approach allows for more effective and manageable development. Whether it’s classroom management, integrating technology, or differentiated instruction, choosing a specific skill ensures that your efforts are concentrated and impactful.

3. Research & Create an Improvement Plan

Once you’ve identified the skill to develop, the next step is research. Use professional resources to learn about best practices and strategies related to that skill. Develop a specific, actionable plan to foster growth in that particular area. This plan should include clear objectives, resources, and a timeline. Creating a detailed improvement plan sets a solid foundation for development.

4. Implement Your Growth Plan

With a plan in place, it’s time to put it into action. Make focused efforts to practice and refine the target skill. This may involve workshops, classroom practice, peer collaboration, or other hands-on approaches. Consistent and deliberate practice is key to skill development for teachers. Ensure that the plan is followed closely and adjust as needed based on initial experiences.

5. Reassess and Evaluate Growth

At various intervals throughout the growth plan, reassess the teacher’s skill level. Video assessments are great ways to objectively measure progress during these check-ins. Compare every new assessment with the initial one to evaluate growth. Have there been noticeable improvements? What areas still need work? Reassessment helps determine the effectiveness of your development plan and identify new areas for focus.

6. Adjust Your Plan and Move Forward

Based on each reassessment, adjust your plan accordingly. If the targeted skill has improved significantly, it may be time to shift focus to another area. Use insights from each reassessment to keep evolving and developing new skills. Continuous improvement is vital in education, and this iterative process ensures ongoing professional growth.

Helpful Tools for Teacher Skill Development

Incorporating various tools can enhance the effectiveness of your professional development plan. Three useful approaches are:

1. Peer Observations

Bringing in a trusted peer or mentor to observe and provide feedback can offer valuable insights. Peer observations encourage collaboration and provide different perspectives on teaching practices. Learn more about peer observations.

2. Self-Reflection

Regular self-reflection helps teachers evaluate their own practices honestly and identify areas for improvement. Keeping a reflective journal or engaging in reflective discussions can be beneficial. Explore other reflective teaching techniques.

3. Regular Feedback

Setting up regular feedback sessions with colleagues or supervisors can help track progress and make necessary adjustments to the development plan. Feedback from multiple sources ensures a well-rounded perspective on growth.


By following this six-step framework and implementing these three strategic approaches, you can create a structured approach to teacher development that leads to sustained growth and enhanced teaching skills.

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