3 Ways to Elevate Counseling Supervision

A blog post outlining tools to help improve supervision of pre-service counselors


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3 GoReact Features to Improve the Student Experience (According to Students)

A blog post highlighting students’ three favorite things about GoReact


Study: Online Video Assessment Participation in Higher Education Doubled Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

A press release announcing a report revealing that online video assessment adoption and participation in higher education was accelerating pre-pandemic

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Video Assessment & the Future of Technology in Higher Ed

A blog post about how video assessment is becoming a must-have technology

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GoReact Expands International Market Presence With United Kingdom Outpost

A press release announcing a strategic initiative by GoReact to establish a business development unit in the UK to drive expansion throughout Europe

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Blended Feedback: The Triple Axel of Skills-Based Learning

A blog post about the benefits of using blended (or multimodal) feedback


New Year, New GoReact Features and Enhancements

A blog post announcing new GoReact feature updates to start the year in 2021

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5 Online Collaboration Tools for Remote Instructors

A blog post featuring online collaboration tools to help you create a sense of community in online courses

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5 Strategies for Interactive Learning in Hybrid and Online Courses

A blog post with strategies to facilitate interactive learning during course activities and assignments in hybrid or online courses

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How to Harness the Power of Student Feedback in Online Courses

A blog post with tips and tools to help you gather feedback for your online courses