Preparing Students for the New NCLEX

Get tips on how to adapt to the new NCLEX requirements and prepare your students for success



Innovation in K12 Education: Overcoming Challenges With Video in the Classroom

A roundtable featuring Eileen Belastock from Belastock Consulting

Teacher Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Successful Teacher Mentoring, Evaluation and Self-Reflection Through the Use of Video

A webinar featuring Cindy Ross and Dawn Thompson from Bowling Green State University

Nursing Education | 45 MINUTE WATCH

Making Nursing Knowledge Stick: Teach-Back Strategies for Long-Term Learning

Discover new methods for creating long-term learning using teach-back strategies

Higher Education | 40 MINUTE WATCH

Using Feedback to Enhance Student-Teacher Reflection & Engagement

A webinar featuring Dr. Debra Lively from Saginaw Valley State University

Nursing Education | 53 MINUTE WATCH

Prepare and Inspire Nursing Students to Make a Positive Impact in Healthcare

A webinar featuring Dr. Tiffany Kelley, a leading expert and thought leader on nursing innovation

Higher Education | 63 MINUTE WATCH

Strategies for Student Success Using GoReact

An interactive webinar where you can discover new ways to provide better, quicker feedback using video

How Do We Reframe Assessment? Using Technology for Formative Feedback

A webinar co-hosted by GoReact and EdQuarter

Effective & Efficient Feedback

A webinar featuring JD Schramm from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Higher Education | 42 MINUTE WATCH

A 5 Part Approach to Providing Feedback

A webinar featuring Jeff Przybylo from Harper College