A 5 Part Approach to Providing Feedback

A webinar featuring Jeff Przybylo from Harper College


Nursing Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Assessing & Evaluating Communication Competency in Nursing

A webinar on setting learning objectives and effectively validating communication competency in nursing students

Higher Education | 1 HOUR WATCH

Supporting Student Mental Health & Wellness

A panel discussion on how faculty can help students facing mental health challenges navigate resources and find support for health and academic wellness

Nursing Education | 57 MINUTE WATCH

Update Your Curriculum to Support Competency-Based Education & the New AACN Essentials

A webinar featuring Ann Van Eerden and Margaret (Peg) Rauschenberger from Alverno College

6 Ultimate Organizational Tips for Teacher Educators

A webinar featuring Patrick Mckee from Foothill Consortium Induction Program

Nursing Education | 3 MINUTE WATCH

Using GoReact to Evaluate Clinical Judgment

A short video clip showing two use cases for evaluating clinical judgment with video assessment

Nursing Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

Innovation in Nursing Education: Utilizing Video Feedback for Clinical Judgment

A webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado

Teacher Education | 29 MINUTE WATCH

Learn How GoReact Saved Us MONEY!

The dean, associate dean, and coordinator of clinical experiences from the College of Education at the University of West Alabama share how GoReact helped save their travel budget—which was $60,000 in the red.

Behavioral Sciences | 50 MINUTE WATCH

Using GoReact to Enhance Therapist Skills Through Deliberate Practice

A webinar featuring Dr. Adam Jones from Texas Woman’s University

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