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4 Ways Student Rubrics Make Teaching Easier and More Awesome

4 Ways Student Rubrics Make Teaching Easier and More Awesome

Rubrics are a teacher’s best friend.

They standardize assessments, reduce the load of grading, improve inter-rater reliability, and more. It’s no wonder rubrics claimed fifth place on our list of time-saving grading hacks. GoReact’s custom rubric builder allows you to attach a rubric to just about any type of video assignment or submission.

And rubrics in GoReact just got better.

GoReact now offers student rubrics specifically for students to use. Here are four of the best ways to reap all the benefits of this new feature:

1. Self-Reflection Activities

Rubrics can help students evaluate themselves, reflect, and improve. The rubric serves as a reminder of key input from a teacher or mentor, what to look for, what to consider when critiquing their performance, and how to be objective about the most subjective of things.

2. Next-level Peer Feedback

GoReact has allowed comments and feedback from peers for years. Now that feedback can be submitted and guided via rubric. This keeps peer input focused on similar themes or areas of instruction as student peers step into the role of an instructor. The result? All your students learn faster.

3. Large and Online Class Peer Reviews

MOOCs, basic courses, and online courses can have a lot of students and more restricted interaction with instructors. GoReact bridges this gap. Assignments can be reviewed entirely by peers if needed, and average scores from peer evaluations are calculated and available for instructors to review and post.

4. Weighted Peer/Instructor Feedback

In GoReact, the student rubric can be either the same rubric or one customized to the needs of students. In some cases, instructors may want to use scores from peer rubrics as a weighted portion of the final grade. GoReact makes this easy. Instructors simply create a section in the instructor rubric and enter the average peer score before posting.

For even more information on using rubrics in GoReact, be sure to check out our Customer Help Center.