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Why GoReact is in Demand Across This Online Program

A short video clip about what GoReact provides for students across disciplines at University of Alabama Online

Hear this instructional designer describe why more and more departments are asking for GoReact.

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Matthew Short:

In your experience working with faculty and students, how have they adapted to utilizing GoReact? How has that experience been incorporating the tool from instructor and student perspective?

Alison Lewis:

It is been great. They’ve been using the tool now, both these programs, for a little over seven years. And being user user-friendly is something we really have to look at from the student side and the instructor side. The nursing program’s actually been pulling in more courses to use GoReact, extending to discussions, with not just the physical assessments, but discussions as well. There’ve been very few challenges. And any challenges that have come up for either program, GoReact has been great to address those directly with the student or the instructor.

Matthew Short:

Wonderful. Wonderful. Have any other departments begun using GoReact? And if so, tell us about how they’re using it and what their challenges were before incorporating the tool within their coursework.

Alison Lewis:

Yeah, so it’s my understanding that the College of Communications here is wanting to adapt GoReact into their courses, primarily for job interview experience for the student-to-student peer review, and even presentations.

So having that platform that is consistent with all the students and with the ease of use was very interesting to them, or attractive is a better word, for them, and as well as being able to add that instructor feedback. But I do know that they were big into student-to-student peer review because they felt like they could learn so much from each other in that situation.

Matthew Short:

Absolutely. Absolutely. From your standpoint, do you see opportunities for other departments to use GoReact? And if so, which departments and what type of learning activities, exercises, engagements do you potentially see value in including video skill assessment tools such as GoReact?

Alison Lewis:

Yes. So GoReact has the small group live sessions and I have found that the programs that are already using GoReact have pulled that in, because if there are issues with two or three students, it’s a way for them to have access to their GoReact account, but also be in the live session with those to pinpoint those issues.

I just worked on a interpersonal relationship course, and we’re working towards GoReact in that course. Because of the discipline, there’s different paths the students can take. So these small group live sessions can actually be used as group sessions for particular topics that the student that belong in that path, the student wants to take, as well as a presentation and as well as discussions. So when we incorporate these tools into our online courses, we love to be able to use it in more than one way. So we want to get the most used out of the tools. So in this particular course that we’re working on right now, it’d be three different ways they could use GoReact, which is a plus also for the student purchasing the use of the tool.