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Easily capture and grade student videos

Recording students is an effective way to drive their improvement. But it can be a huge hassle to manage video recording equipment, video files, and feedback forms, not to mention getting students to engage with your feedback. GoReact makes the management of student video assignments ridiculously easy. Videos and time-coded feedback are all stored securely in the cloud.

The easiest feedback you’ve ever given

To give feedback on a presentation, simply start typing your comments. The video will pause while you’re typing and resume when you hit enter. You can grade an entire video without ever leaving your keyboard—no clicks required.

Synchronous feedback from instructors and peers

GoReact’s patented sync technology even allows for feedback from instructors or peers during live recording sessions. These synchronous sessions can be done in class or streamed online. Bottom line: GoReact is the video coaching platform that students & presenters actually like using for their presentations.

see it in action at Baylor university

Baylor University

Anne Grinols from Baylor University uses GoReact to improve her students’ presentation skills and simplify her workflow. With GoReact’s help, she is teaching fast and practical business communication skills to make sure her students are ready to hit the ground running in their future careers.


Overall, students like commenting via GoReact and receiving others’ comments. Timeline comments tend to be short, positive, and focused on delivery skills or specific presentation elements. The end comments looked at broader qualities, such as the flow of the argument, persuasiveness of evidence, or the quality of content. Together, the two types of commentary were valuable and complementary.


Cornell University

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