Student Teaching Observation & More

“You have no idea how easy this is. It’s a breath of fresh air.”
Karen Jones, Heidelberg University

Teacher education programs use GoReact for no-hassle skills assessment

From early benchmarking to student teaching in the field, GoReact allows educators to capture video of students for feedback, grading, and critique of their skills. Educators save time. Students gain skills crazy fast.

“GoReact gives us new ways to engage with our students. My program has used other video platforms and GoReact is clearly superior.”
Kristien Zenkov, George Mason University

Easy Recording

No Equipment to Buy

With just a smartphone or webcam, student teachers can capture high-quality video of their classrooms with ease. GoReact doesn’t require any extra equipment or complicated training. All it takes is five minutes to set up and start recording.

Remote Observations

Save Time and Budget on Observations

Using GoReact for student teaching observations lowers travel costs, allows multiple observers, and increases inter-rater reliability. Videos are securely stored in the cloud, so supervisors can observe interns from anywhere—and do more observations. Scheduling hassles are a thing of the past.

“I love GoReact. I love how intuitive this platform is!”
Glen Clark, Utah Valley University

Feedback and Self-Reflection

Help Students Get the Most Out Of Observations

Students learn faster when they can see themselves along with your feedback at exactly the right moment. GoReact lets you make time-coded comments on videos of your students teaching. It’s the perfect way for students to develop exceptional skills.

Certification Prep

Take the Fear Out of Certification

Students often stress out over the video portion of edTPA. The best way to help? Start recording them from day one! Theyll be comfortable on camera and have an entire library of GoReact video clips by the time certification rolls around.

Outstanding Support

A Helping Hand Every Step of the Way

Adopting video into your program might feel daunting, but there’s no need to worry! GoReact accounts come with free top-of-the-line support to answer any question you might have. No matter what kind of assistance you need, we’ve got you.

“We have cut way down on technical issues by going with GoReact. On our old software, 60% of our students had issues uploading. I have only heard of two students who had issues with GoReact.”
Joy Stapleton, East Carolina University

Over 4 million videos (and counting) submitted for feedback

University of West Alabama Case Study

Simplifying video-based technology for even the most reluctant users
“I like that GoReact is easy for anyone to use. And immediately! There’s no complicated training. It’s simple, quick, and does what it’s intended to do.”
Susan Hester, University of West Alabama

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