Tools to Teach Therapeutic Communication

See how one nursing instructor is using the Comfort Communications App and GoReact to ensure his students master therapeutic communication


Nursing Education | 5 MINUTE READ

Creating Alignment: Your Curriculum and the AACN Essentials

A blog post to help you identify and align the competencies in your curriculum through curriculum mapping

Nursing Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

Communication Competency: The Nurse Educator’s Guide to Teaching & Assessing

A playbook for preparing practice-ready nurses to be competent and confident communicators

Nursing Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Tips for Teaching & Evaluating Communication in a Virtual Environment

Find out the key ingredients for making instruction and assessment successful without being in person

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Three Key Learning Objectives To Teach the Concept of Communication

A short video clip outlining the three areas of communication competency that should be assessed

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Teaching Communication Skills Comes Down to 3 Things

A short video clip explaining the three things we are asking students to do when learning communication skills

Nursing Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Tackling Curriculum Transformation: Getting Your Team in the Game

A blog post guiding you through the process of engaging faculty when incorporating the new AACN Essentials into your curriculum

Nursing Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Assessing & Evaluating Communication Competency in Nursing

A webinar on setting learning objectives and effectively validating communication competency in nursing students

Nursing Education | 5 MINUTE READ

3 Steps to Adapt Your Nursing Program to Meet AACN Essentials

A blog post guiding you through the shift to more competency-based learning to support the integration of AACN Essentials and prepare tomorrow’s nurses for the complex healthcare environment

Nursing Education | 7 MINUTE WATCH

Using the Curriculum Map Template for AACN Essentials Success

A short video clip about the importance of getting faculty engaged in curriculum mapping in a meaningful and purposeful way