The Role of GoReact in Self-Reflection for Teacher Coaches

A short video clip focused on simplifying self reflection for teacher coaches

Hear how Riverside County Office of Education leverages GoReact for coach self-reflection and skill enhancement in their induction program.

Watch the full webinar.


Jaymie Baiza:

kind of highlight how we use GoReact in induction as we support our coaches. One of the ways that we do this is providing our coaches to self-reflect on their video. Now, Angel mentioned how important it is to use video and really being able to reflect on your own practice. You see yourself in a different lens or in a different light. You’ll notice some of maybe you’re using ums too much when you’re talking with your candidate or maybe you notice that the conversation isn’t candidate driven, but more the coach is talking during the whole hour. Coaches won’t be able to see that unless they see that for themselves in video. We do do a self-reflection video.

To do this, we ask our coaches to record one of their coaching conversations with their candidate and watch that entire video, entire hour, it’s about an hour video and select a five to seven minute clip that really highlights that coaching skill that we went over during one of our coach sessions. For this particular activity, it was targeted feedback. Then we asked them to upload that clip into GoReact, and then self-reflect and use the markers in GoReact to identify the specific skills that we are looking for when you are providing feedback to your candidate.