The Future of GoReact: AI & Skill Mastery

Get a sneak peek into the future of GoReact, including how upcoming features like AI will elevate and accelerate skill mastery for all learners


Teacher Education | 44 MINUTE WATCH

Embracing AI for Teacher Preparation

Learn how teacher prep programs and districts can use AI tools like ChatGPT for lessons and research and to prepare AI-savvy teachers

Higher Education | 54 MINUTE WATCH

The Future of Curriculum Design

Explore what the future of curriculum design in further education should look like now and in the future, considering AI and Ofsted requirements

Higher Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

STEM-Inspired Authentic Assessments

Explore creative assessment methods for STEM students that leverage AI to create authentic assessments

Higher Education | 41 MINUTE WATCH

AI in Higher Ed: Navigating Opportunities & Challenges

Panel discussion on how educators view opportunities and challenges of integrating AI , and its impact on the future of work and skills

Higher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Preparing Students for Work in an AI-Driven World

Explore ways to integrate AI into your curriculum, equipping students for an AI-driven world

Higher Education | 42 MINUTE WATCH

Ethical AI Use in Assessments: Leverage, Don’t Fear, the Machine

Discover techniques that both leverage AI tools and ensure they are used responsibly

Higher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

AI in Writing & Literature: Gains & Pitfalls

See how writing and literature educators have been using AI—what works and what doesn’t

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Using AI to Complement Assessments in Higher Education

A blog post on how AI can complement the learning experience, along with faculty’s perspective on the pros and cons of AI in the classroom

Higher Education | 10 MINUTE READ

Ultimate Guide to Authentic Assessment in an AI-Enabled World

Insights and practical tips on designing assessments to support learning and prevent cheating