Webinar Recap: Unpacking New NCLEX Results

A blog recapping key insights from nursing instructor Patrick Luna on initial results of the new NCLEX and the importance of clinical judgment


Nursing Education | 41 MINUTE WATCH

Unpacking New NCLEX Results & Strategies to Maintain Momentum

On demand webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

What to Expect from the New NCLEX

A short video clip focused on the format and question types on the new NCLEX and how to prepare students for the changes

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

The New NCLEX Represents the Evolution of Nursing Education

A short video clip about how recent data on competency has impacted the new NCLEX

Nursing Education | 32 MINUTE WATCH

Preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) With GoReact

Patrick Luna, Senior Instructor of Clinical Teaching at the University of Colorado, explains how he uses video assessment to prepare nursing students for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN).