Unpacking New NCLEX Results & Strategies to Maintain Momentum

On demand webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado


Teacher Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Successful Teacher Mentoring, Evaluation and Self-Reflection Through the Use of Video

A webinar featuring Cindy Ross and Dawn Thompson from Bowling Green State University

Nursing Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Assessing & Evaluating Communication Competency in Nursing

A webinar on setting learning objectives and effectively validating communication competency in nursing students

Nursing Education | 57 MINUTE WATCH

Update Your Curriculum to Support Competency-Based Education & the New AACN Essentials

A webinar featuring Ann Van Eerden and Margaret (Peg) Rauschenberger from Alverno College

Nursing Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

Innovation in Nursing Education: Utilizing Video Feedback for Clinical Judgment

A webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado

Higher Education | 33 MINUTE WATCH

Learning on Both Sides of GoReact: How Students’ Feedback to Peers Improves Their Performance

See how using GoReact to evaluate and give feedback to peers on their performance can help students improve their own performance in any discipline

Higher Education | 52 MINUTE WATCH

Effective Feedback and Holistic Scoring for Building a Growth Mindset & Roundtable Session

See how research-based strategies for targeted feedback and holistic assessment can help students in any discipline develop a growth mindset and increase self-efficacy

Higher Education | 39 MINUTE WATCH

Relationship Rich Education: Feedback as a Tool for Learning, Belonging, & Achievement

See how relational feedback provides a flexible, scalable, equitable, and humane approach to support learning, belonging, and achievement in higher education

Teacher Education | 37 MINUTE WATCH

Feedback: Why Video Matters

See how tailoring feedback to the recipient and using video in a purposeful way adds power to feedback delivered for professional learning

Nursing Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Integrating Clinical Judgment Across Your Pre-Licensure Nursing Curriculum

A webinar featuring three professors from the University of Kansas School of Nursing