Roundtable: Overcoming Challenges With Video in the Classroom

A roundtable discussion moderated by Eileen Belastock, an edtech strategist, former K12 CTO, and CEO of Belastock Consulting


Nursing Education | UPCOMING

Preparing Students for the New NCLEX

The new NCLEX format is coming soon! Don’t miss this live discussion with a fellow nursing instructor for cutting-edge tips on how to adapt to the new requirements and prepare your students for success!

Teacher Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Successful Teacher Mentoring, Evaluation and Self-Reflection Through the Use of Video

A webinar featuring Dr. Cindy Ross and Dawn Thompson from Bowling Green State University

Nursing Education | 45 MINUTE WATCH

Making Nursing Knowledge Stick: Teach-Back Strategies for Long-Term Learning

Discover new methods for creating long-term learning using teach-back strategies

Higher Education | 40 MINUTE WATCH

Using Feedback to Enhance Student-Teacher Reflection & Engagement

A webinar featuring Dr. Debra Lively from Saginaw Valley State University

Nursing Education | 53 MINUTE WATCH

Prepare and Inspire Nursing Students to Make a Positive Impact in Healthcare

A webinar featuring Dr. Tiffany Kelley, a leading expert and thought leader on nursing innovation

Higher Education | 63 MINUTE WATCH

Strategies for Student Success Using GoReact

An interactive webinar where you can discover new ways to provide better, quicker feedback using video

Global Education | 57 MINUTE WATCH

How Do We Reframe Assessment? Using Technology for Formative Feedback

A webinar co-hosted by GoReact and EdQuarter

Higher Education | 59 MINUTE WATCH

Effective & Efficient Feedback

A webinar featuring JD Schramm from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Higher Education | 42 MINUTE WATCH

A 5 Part Approach to Providing Feedback

A webinar featuring Jeff Przybylo from Harper College