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Webinar Recap: 6 Ultimate Organizational Tips for Educators

Webinar Recap: 6 Ultimate Organizational Tips for Educators

As educators, there always seems to be more to do than hours in a day. How you spend your time and organize your day is super important. In a recent webinar, Patrick McKee, Director of the Foothill Consortium Induction Program, shared tips to help educators become (and stay) better organized to help balance their many demands.

Since your time is limited, we’ve pulled together the tips for you.

#1 When Developing Your Organizational Style, Just Be You

#2 Touch It Once & Do Something With It

#3 Calendar Everything

#4 Develop Your Brain Dump System

#5 Color-Code Everything

#6 Set Labeled Alarms for Everything

Bonus Tip: Don’t Grade Everything, Grade for Mastery

Hopefully, these tips can help you on your way to saving time and balancing the many demands in your day.

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