GoReact Expands Into Schools Market With Video Feedback Platform for Teacher CPD

Expansion comes after select schools worldwide piloted GoReact video feedback tools, which have been used with high adoption in higher education for a decade


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Remote Observation: Changing the Future of Skill Development

Discover how video + feedback unlocks a world of convenient, flexible and personalised learning.

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Video Doesn’t Lie: Honing Skills Through Reflective Practice

Learn the benefits of reflective practice for students’ skill development, ownership of learning, tracking progress and more.

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6 Ways to Reframe Assessment With Video

Learn how video + feedback supports learning over time with the right mix of formative check-ins and summative evaluations

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Assessment is the Fuel to the Fire of Learning

A short video clip about how assessment can be framed to fuel learning

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The Value of Video

A short video clip about how video delivers value in multiple ways for both instructors and students

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Two Priorities When Selecting Software

A short video where Warwick University shares how GoReact meets two key needs of their staff

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Video Assessment + Feedback Suits Every Discipline

A short video where Graeme Knowles from Warwick University discusses how video feedback can be used in nearly every discipline

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Authenticity Matters in Assessment

A short video clip sharing what students say is lacking with most feedback and how you can make it more meaningful

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GoReact’s Obsession With Feedback

A short video clip where GoReact explains how valuable feedback from instructors and students is to improving the platform