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5 Reasons GoReact Outperforms the Competition

5 Reasons GoReact Outperforms the Competition

It’s crucial for institutions to equip students with the skills they need for success in their careers. Video assessment and feedback tools have become indispensable in this journey, allowing students to practice and develop their skills while receiving valuable feedback from instructors. While there are several video tools available, GoReact stands out as the go-to solution for skill development in higher education. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why GoReact outperforms the competition.

1. Laser Focus on Skill Development

Many of the tools in the market — including popular names like Panopto, Kaltura, Canvas Studio, and Voice Thread — are primarily video management systems, which can often be confused with video assessment tools and video feedback tools. GoReact, on the other hand, is a video assessment + feedback tool purpose-built for skill development. Our technology goes beyond mere video capture and storage to provide a comprehensive platform for assessment, self-reflection, and feedback. GoReact effectively helps students hone the skills they need to demonstrate their learning and excel in their future careers.

Even as AI and technology continue to reshape industries, here are three skills and competencies that will never age out:

  1. Critical Thinking: The ability to analyze information, make informed decisions, and solve complex problems.
  2. Communication Skills: The ability to convey ideas clearly, collaborate across borders, and adapt to different communication platforms.
  3. Intrinsically Human Skills: The ability to apply creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability to various situations.

2. Rich Feedback Capabilities

GoReact’s rich feedback capabilities are a game-changer in the world of video assessment and skill development. As Travis Young, an instructor at Utah Valley University, aptly puts it, “I like the ability to give time-coded feedback to students. [GoReact] is the only video tool that lets me give feedback while I see the stimulus the student is responding to while I see their response.” This unique feature enables instructors to offer pinpoint feedback, enhancing the learning experience by addressing specific moments in a student’s video submission. What truly sets GoReact apart is the flexibility in feedback formats. Instructors can provide feedback using text, video, images, and even attachments, tailoring their responses to individual student needs. Moreover, the platform supports the incorporation of rubrics and badges, simplifying the feedback process and ensuring that assessments are both clear and consistent. With GoReact, personalized and effective feedback is just a click away, fostering a supportive learning environment that promotes growth and skill development.

3. Seamless Integration With Any LMS

GoReact can easily integrate with any Learning Management System (LMS), which really sets us apart from the competition. This seamless LMS integration ensures that instructors and students can access the platform effortlessly, making it a valuable addition to existing educational technology ecosystems.

Whether your institution uses Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or another LMS, GoReact is designed to work seamlessly, saving time and effort for educators while ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users. This adaptability and flexibility in integration are where GoReact truly outshines our competitors.

4. Incredible Scalability and Security

We’re committed to serving higher education institutions of all sizes, so we’ve carefully developed our platform to scale alongside your institution. Whether you’re a small college or a sprawling university, GoReact can adapt to your needs without compromising performance. Our platform is designed to accommodate a single classroom or an entire institution, making it an ideal choice for institutions at any scale.

In addition to scalability, GoReact places a paramount emphasis on security. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive student and faculty data. That’s why we’ve implemented robust security measures to ensure data protection and compliance with industry standards. Your institution can trust GoReact to maintain the utmost confidentiality and integrity of your educational data, providing peace of mind for both administrators and users.

This winning combination of scalability and security sets GoReact apart as a versatile, reliable, and future-proof solution for higher education institutions worldwide. Whether you’re planning for growth or simply seeking a dependable platform, GoReact has you covered.

5. Affordability

Budgets are always a concern, and GoReact offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. With affordable pricing plans, institutions can provide students with cutting-edge video assessment and feedback tools without breaking the bank.

As William Butler, a Program Strategist and Instructor at Arizona State University, puts it, “With GoReact, I can instantly give students feedback on their lessons. There are multiple ways I can respond (text, video, uploading a file). With the timestamps, the students can correlate my feedback/suggestions with an exact moment within their lesson. It is an amazing, multi-faceted tool.”

It’s no wonder that more than 800 institutions around the world have chosen GoReact as their preferred video assessment and feedback solution. Explore our case studies to hear some of their success stories.


When it comes to video assessment and feedback tools for skill development in higher education, GoReact is the clear frontrunner. Our unwavering focus on skill development, rich feedback capabilities, seamless LMS integration, scalability, security, and affordability make our platform the ultimate choice for colleges and universities. Don’t settle for less when you can choose the best: GoReact.

To learn more about how GoReact can help your higher ed institution thrive, start exploring GoReact or schedule time with one of our team members.