Assessment and Feedback to Meet the New Essentials

As AACN requirements evolve, it’s important to rethink and revise instructional strategies to ensure the competence and practice readiness of nursing graduates.


Nursing Education | 5 MINUTE READ

Creating Alignment: Your Curriculum and the AACN Essentials

A blog post to help you identify and align the competencies in your curriculum through curriculum mapping

Nursing Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Tips for Teaching & Evaluating Communication in a Virtual Environment

Find out the key ingredients for making instruction and assessment successful without being in person

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

A Free App for Teaching Communication to Nursing Students

With the COMFORT Communications App, you’ll have easy access to knowledge-based resources for building communication skills in students

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Three Key Learning Objectives To Teach the Concept of Communication

A short video clip outlining the three areas of communication competency that should be assessed

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Teaching Communication Skills Comes Down to 3 Things

A short video clip explaining the three things we are asking students to do when learning communication skills

Nursing Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Tackling Curriculum Transformation: Getting Your Team in the Game

A blog post guiding you through the process of engaging faculty when incorporating the new AACN Essentials into your curriculum

Nursing Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Assessing & Evaluating Communication Competency in Nursing

A webinar on setting learning objectives and effectively validating communication competency in nursing students

Nursing Education | 5 MINUTE READ

3 Steps to Adapt Your Nursing Program to Meet AACN Essentials

A blog post guiding you through the shift to more competency-based learning to support the integration of AACN Essentials and prepare tomorrow’s nurses for the complex healthcare environment