Engaging Teacher Candidates: High Quality Feedback, Self-Reflection, & Goal Setting

Learn to give effective feedback with GoReact, empowering student self-assessment and goal setting through interactive and reflective techniques


Teacher Education | 44 MINUTE WATCH

Embracing AI for Teacher Preparation

Learn how teacher prep programs and districts can use AI tools like ChatGPT for lessons and research and to prepare AI-savvy teachers

Teacher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

The Power of Looking Within: Reflect, Learn & Grow

Discover how to embrace self-reflection as a regular practice for ongoing growth and development

Teacher Education | 39 MINUTE WATCH

Using Explicit Modeling Strategies to Set SEL Goals With Teacher Candidates

Learn to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) goals with teaching practices and within GoReact to build collaboration

Teacher Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

Bridging Theory & Practice: Strengthening Classroom Learning With Real-World Insights

Examine how technology-enabled insights can transform educational practices and enrich student learning experiences

Teacher Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Using Video to Deliver Impactful Feedback for Teacher Candidates

A short video clip focused on the use of video for delivering feedback to teacher candidates

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Betting on Remote Observation Saves Time & Money for Teacher Education Programs

A blog post about two teacher ed programs that cut observation travel to save resources.

Teacher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Using Video Assessment to Boost edTPA Task 3 Scores

A blog post presenting research showing that video assessment boosts edTPA task 3 scores

Teacher Education | 5 MINUTE READ

6 Video Assessments in Teacher Ed Courses for a Post-COVID Campus

A blog post explaining why video assessment is more than a pandemic solution


GoReact Partners with AACTE to Expand Access to Video Assessment for Teacher Education Programs

A press release announcing a partnership between GoReact and AACTE