What is Lifelong Learning? Nurturing Skills Today for a Brighter Tomorrow.

A blog post that explores the concept of lifelong learning, its significance in both higher education and the workplace, and how technology plays a crucial role in nurturing continuous skill development for individuals and organizations


Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

4-Tip Formula for Helping Students Ace Their Interviews

Discover the importance of fine-tuning interview skills by providing opportunities for experience, practice and feedback.

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Blended Feedback: The Triple Axel of Skills-Based Learning

A blog post about the benefits of using blended (or multimodal) feedback

Foreign Language | 2 MINUTE READ

5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Foreign Language Courses

A blog post with tips to help you use GoReact for teaching online foreign languages courses

Nursing Education | 2 MINUTE READ

6 Online GoReact Assignment Ideas for Nurse Educators

A blog post with remote assignment ideas for nursing education


GoReact Wins Best Online Course Solution at the 2020 EdTech Awards

A press release announcing that EdTech Digest awarded GoReact the top spot in its 2020 Cool Tools category for Best Online Course Solution

Behavioral Sciences | 3 MINUTE READ

3 Training Resources for Administering Psychoeducational Assessments

A blog post with resources for training graduate students to become school psychologists

Communication | 3 MINUTE READ

Why Interview Skills Matter—and How Your Students Can Get Them

A blog post with five solutions for helping students improve their communication and public speaking skills for interviewing

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

What is Video Assessment?

A blog post that explores how an interactive, video-based assessment tool can help students develop important skills and improve student outcomes

Nursing Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

CNA Skills List Free Download

A blog post introducing the Essential CNA Skills List, the perfect resource to help students track what they’re learning